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Water Challenge by QJ

See what QJ have to say about the Spiritual Gift Assessment and the Church Development Conference! See who he’s challenging! It could be you …  

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Are U ALL IN?!

Dear Providence family, I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to our first Church Development Conference! In case you haven’t already heard – Providence Baptist Church is having a weekend of praise, workshops, and a unity worship service. This all takes place on Friday, September 25th, Saturday, September 26th, and Sunday, September 27th […]

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Non-Conforming Conference

RONE2, Providence Baptist Church’s Young Adult Ministry, is presenting the Non-Conforming Conference Thursday August 27th through Saturday Saturday August 29th, 2015. The conference is dedicated to helping young adults understand they do not have to conform to the ways of the world in which we live. The conference features worship, speakers and workshops. The official […]

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2015 Congregational Development Conference

We have some exciting news! In September Providence Baptist Church will host its first ever Congregational Development Conference. In support of our Decade of Destiny, we are looking forward to hosting our entire congregation at an awesome spiritual, educational and team building session. Our senior pastor Rodney Maiden and other church leaders will take us […]

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2015 Semi-Annual Church Meeting

On Wednesday July 22nd at 7PM Providence will host its semi-annual church meeting. This is an important meeting for all members of the Providence congregation. Financial and program updates will be provided by Pastor Rodney Maiden and other senior church leaders. This meeting is open ONLY to current congregation members of Providence Baptist Church. The […]

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2015 Community Day Re-Scheduled

Every year Providence Baptist Church host an awesome week for Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS). And on the Saturday after DVBS Providence sponsors a Community Day where everyone is invited for a fun afternoon of food, laughter, activities, dancing and more. This year Northeast Ohio experienced some particularly nasty summer weather and the event had […]

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Air Bag Recall- Please Take Action Today

In 2015 we are in the midst of a very terrible and life threatening consumer recall. Air bags have been a tremendous safety feature of automobiles for over two decades. The number of lives that have been saved from life threatening collisions number in the tens of thousands. Sensors in our vehicles detect catastrophic collisions […]

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