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Snow Day | Sunday January 20th

CHURCH SERVICES ARE CANCELLED SUNDAY JANUARY 20th 2019 The weather is frightful this snowy and cold Sunday January 20 2019. In order to help insure all congregation members, friends and guests are safe Providence leadership has cancelled ALL church services this Sunday.We are experiencing a severe winter storm that is dumping a tremendous amount of […]

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Harlem Renaissance Celebration 2019

26 Days 18 Hours 57 Minutes 43 Seconds CELEBRATION BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2019                            Harlem Renaissance: The New Negro MovementThe 1920’s and 30’s were an amazing time of growth and awareness for African Americans in America. The New Negro Movement brought about a […]

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Developing the Manor

PROVIDENCE BAPTIST CHURCH REDEVELOPEING THE MANOR IN EUCLID, OHIO Providence Baptist Church is continuing its committment to the Euclid, Ohio community with a planned re-development of The Manor. Providence purchased the Manor to compliment its purchase of 68 acres of land in the city of Euclid.The Manor will be transitioned into a multi-purpose worship center […]

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Martin Luther King Day 2019

Monday January 21 2019 Dr. Martin Lugher King Junior  was a beloved Baptist minister who is widely regarded as one of the most pivotal figures in the civil rights movement that  sought to transform the deplorable state of race relations in the United States of America.He was assassinated by the criminal James Earl Ray on […]

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