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God is good! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th and we’d like to hear what U want as a gift…? Mothers, here’s your chance to be heard…and tell the world what one thing or things would make your day!  Maybe something new to wear; or a visit from a child who lives out-of-town; what about a new pair of shoes; […]

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Greetings, Church Family, Let’s take a look back just last year…read on and stay tuned for 2015 updates. The Providence Baptist Church Basketball season ended April 24th with our young men playing in the semi-finals. Of course, it did not end as they wanted.  However, our teens played well and I, as well as the […]

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What A Good Friday It Was And Forever Shall Be!

 “TGIF”  is an acronym familiar to most, and I don’t think it’s ever been more appropriate to say “Thank God It’s Friday” than today; this beautiful day in April the year 2015.  Not Friday, Next Friday or Friday After Next, but, this is Good Friday! Pastor Maiden welcomed everyone and gave an introduction to the movie HEAVEN, A New Message From Billy Graham.  […]

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