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Talking to Kids About Stuff that Matters

Sermon Series: Talking to Kids About Stuff That Matters The complete sermon series “Talking to Kids About Stuff That Matters” is currently available for replay, including the sermon notes (PDF files). Simply click on the links below to access this wonderful series. Sermon TitleSermon Video Sermon Notes Sermon 1Forming Healthy Friendships- Part 1 CLI´╗┐CK to […]

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Power Outage is Delaying the November 15th Worship Service

At approximately 1:30PM EDT we suffered another power outage. We will stream the service once the situation has stabilized and will notify everyone so you can view the replay. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Good News! Power has been restored and the worship service stream will begin at 12:35PM EDT. Thank you for […]

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Make Your Plan to Vote

The November 3rd Election is fast approaching. As of October 7, 2020 over 5.5 million Americans cast their ballot. This is an unprecedented number of people who have voted in advance of an election. With so much interest and controversy surrounding this election it is important for all of us to make a plan to […]

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