Welcome Back to Worship Frequently Asked Questions

A Welcome Back from Senior Pastor Rodney Maiden


Welcome back! Thank you!

I would like to thank our congregation, friends, family and supporters for their patience and endurance during these challenging times. Beginning Sunday July 4th Providence will begin to resume in person worship on a limited basis. Even though we are coming back, please acknowledge that our church, our city, our state, our country and our planet is not yet out of the woods from the terrible virus that has ravaged so many. Yet we are on the edge of the woods, and we thank God for His blessings.

Our approach is to take it slow, and to gradually resume worship services while following the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Ohio Department of Health. Look at this as a test to see if we are ready to come back. We are not trying to pack out the house right now. And remember that we will still offer worship virtually through our Livestream broadcast:

· https://livestream.com/pbccle

· https://www.facebook.com/groups/202258843165232

Please bear with us. We are pioneers. We have never experienced anything like this.

Thank you for your support throughout these trying times.

In His Name

Rodney Maiden
Senior Pastor, Providence Baptist Church

Frequently Access Questions

What has prompted Providence to re-open at this time?

Fellowship has been missing. Fellowship is one of the pillars of the church (Hebrews 10:25). Many of our senior members have no Internet access and consequently have not been able to worship for over a year. Once the vaccine was released, the CDC issued guidelines stating it was OK to assemble if you have been vaccinated. We thought this was a good time to begin the journey back.

When will worship services conducted?

2nd Sunday in July (July 11th) at the Providence Life Development Center (PLDC) is when we’ll resume worship at 10:45AM EDT.

Do I need to sign up to attend the worship service?


Is there a limitation on the number of people who can attend the service in person?

Yes. We will follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing.

What time should I arrive?

We would suggest you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the service. We will be taking the temperatures of all of our worshipers.

What preparations are being made for children and youth worship?

Children must sit with their parents during the service. We do not have an area to accommodate children at this time. The CDC recommends that children wear masks who are unvaccinated.

How are we handling visitors who may not know about our protocols and policies?

Visitors may call the church office to inquire about our worship requirements, as well as visit the church website. All visitors must adhere to the attendance polices that apply to all.

What should I do before the worship service to be safe?

Adhere to the CDC social distancing guidelines and avoid physical contact with other individuals.

Will I be required to be vaccinated to attend worship services in person?

Anyone who is eligible for vaccination must be fully vaccinated prior to attending Providence worship services in person. Children and youth (any person under the age of 16) who are unable to be vaccinated may attend, yet must wear masks and be accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible adult.

What do I do if I am not fully vaccinated?

If you are not fully vaccinated we very much appreciate your desire to attend worship services in person. At some time in the near future, we are looking forward to being able to assemble as one complete body. If you are not fully vaccinated you can still worship virtually by using our livestream broadcast:

· https://livestream.com/pbccle

· https://www.facebook.com/groups/202258843165232

We are abiding by CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe.

How will the offering be conducted?

There will be baskets available as you enter or leave the worship service. You may mail your offering into the church office (Providence Baptist Church, 12712 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44120). You may also use our electronic giving channel Givelify by visiting https://bit.ly/pbc-givelify or downloading the Givelify mobile app from Apple or Google.

Will I be required to wear a mask during the worship service?

The CDC guidelines state that vaccinated individuals are no longer required by mandate to wear a mask.

How is communion going to work?

Everyone will receive an individual communion cup and wafer that is pre-packaged and sealed.

Are we going to be required to social distance during the service?


How do we handle fellowship after the service?

We are requesting that any fellowship after the service be conducted outdoors, and to refrain from embracing or having physical contact. Please see the CDC guidelines for further information.

What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19 who attended a worship service?

The health department will perform contact tracing per their protocols as well as CDC guidelines.

Will online services continue?


What is the plan for resuming in-person ministry meetings and services?

At this time ministry meetings and Bible studies will remain virtual.

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