Providence 100 Year Worship Celebration Service

On September 5th Providence Baptist Church will celebrate 100 years!

This service will mark the beginning of a new sermon series “Why Our Church Exists.”

The focus of the service is to explain why YOU need YOUR Church and why YOUR Church need YOU!

After being in existence for 100 years, it is so clear that God has a plan for us to be here. We will be looking back at where we’ve been, where we are and where we need to go. As members of the Providence family it remains so vital and important that we stay together to help each other to meander through these turbulent times. The current culture, climate and crises we are living through present a great challenge for friends, family and church.

It is imperative that present and future Providence family members listen to every message, attend every Bible study and small group meeting so we can discuss the key points of the series. 

This way we can individually and collectively be used by God to remain relevant, committed and dedicated to the calling that God has placed upon our church family.

Humbly Submitted

Rodney Maiden, Senior Pastor

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