Pastor Prayer Partnership

Team Name
Membership Team

John Edwards

Team Leader
Rev. George W. Jones

Ministry Name
Pastor Prayer Partnership

Ministry Leader
Cecil Peterson


What is the Pastor’s Prayer Partner (PPP) Ministry and what do we do? The PPP Ministry started in October 1999 with Pastor’s Maiden’s call for 100 men to stand with him as partners in the ministry of Jesus Christ. The Pastor wanted the men to step forward as visible examples of men of God. From that seed sprang forth a group of men and women who partner with our Pastor in prayer for all aspects of our church. Under the PPP Ministry there are several different teams:

  • Prep Worship Team
  • Offertory Prayer Partner Team
  • Emergency Prayer Net Team

Purpose Statement

We as the Pastor’s Prayer Partner Ministry will recognize the sovereignty of God by worshiping and praising Him as the source of all blessings through prayer.

As members of Pastor’s Prayer Partner Ministry we will continuously intercede with the Pastor for God’s enriching fellowship, for a heart that is obedient to His word and a spirit that is yielded to His will. We will continue in prayer fearlessly, courageously and persistently. Believing that God is faithful to fulfill every promise He has made. “1 Peter 3:10-13”

Description of Ministry

Prep Worship Team: The Prep Worship Team arrives 20 minutes before the start of each worship service (8:00; 9:30 and 11:30) to pray over the entire sanctuary and to pray for the congregation as they enter into the sanctuary. Prep Team members will be assigned to serve at one of the three services. The first Sunday of each month the Ministers, Deacons and Deaconess lead the Prep Worship time.

Offertory Prayer Partner Team: On the 2nd, 3rd and 5th Sunday, someone from the PPP is asked to give the Offertory Appeal and Prayer before the offering is taken.

Emergency Prayer Net (EPN): The EPN intercedes in prayer for callers that call the EPN Prayer Line for prayer requests that have been called in due to an emergency or stressful situation. The EPN Prayer Line is available to Providence members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The EPN consist of 30 Pastor’s Prayer Partners who have made themselves available to pray at anytime for the emergency concerns of our members.