Really- Church Marketing?

We sometimes get the question “Why do we need to market- we are a church?”

Perhaps you yourself have posed this question and it certainly deserves an answer. What typically drives this question is a comparison of ‘The Church’ to the secular and/or corporate world. The underlying assumption is that our value structure as a church is fundamentally different from that of a corporation. While this may seem to be reasonable at first blush, there are numerous examples where it simply is not true.

As an example, corporations have organization, processes and procedures to insure order, the attainment of corporate goals and sustainability. As a church we also have structure, rules and procedures in order to obey The Great Commission and to insure we are passing on a legacy.

There are many definitions of marketing. The one our Providence Marketing Ministry embraces is as follows:

Marketing is the management of perception.

As a church we are marketing all of the time:

  • In how we treat people
  • In how we maintain our buildings
  • In how we respond to controversy and publicity
  • In how we aid our congregation members and community
  • ….. and in how we fall short in any of these areas and more

And it may give you some measure of surprise to know that Jesus Christ was a great marketer. In fact he sets the bar for us. Our mission as a marketing team is to support our Pastor, senior leaders and ministries in the performance of their duties here at Providence Baptist Church. Sometimes that means helping promote an event, taking photographs, designing a banner or designing an online survey. We are here to serve.

If you would like to know more about church marketing, please take a few minutes to visit the page “Intro to Church Marketing” for a few thoughts and Biblical examples of church marketing.

Eric A. Pryor
Ministry Leader