Providence’s mission is “To bring glory and honor to God by leading people to Christ to become a Member of His household, by developing them to become Mature in their walk with Christ, their service in Ministry to our church family, their personal life Mission to their fellow man and Magnify God’s name in the process.”


When we Magnify we celebrate God's presence in Worship. The ministries of the Magnification Team work together to prepare the church and the congregation for our worship services. This team handles everything from greeting our guests to delivering rich multimedia content.


We demonstrate God's love through Service. The Ministry Team is our focal point for providing service to our congregation and community in a variety of ways. Christ met both spiritual and physical needs and this team seeks to emulate His focus on service.


We incorporate God's family into our Fellowship. Celebrating, assisting, eating, praying and counseling are examples of supporting and growing God's family. The Membership Team helps to care for our body by answering questions about developing a relationship with Christ, through Christian counseling, providing consolation for the bereaved and more.


We educate God's people through Discipleship. A variety of Christian educational experiences are offered at Providence ranging from new member classes through leadership training. The Maturity Team offers diverse and impactful courses to help grow and develop our Christian knowledge base.


We communicate God's Word through Evangelism. This is accomplished in a variety of ways including missions to foreign countries as well as assisting Christian and community organizations. We are commanded by The Great Commission to spread the Gospel. The Missions Team helps us fulfill this purpose.