Make Your Plan to Vote

The November 3rd Election is fast approaching. As of October 7, 2020 over 5.5 million Americans cast their ballot. This is an unprecedented number of people who have voted in advance of an election. With so much interest and controversy surrounding this election it is important for all of us to make a plan to vote.

This plan should include:

  • Submitting your application to vote by mail if that is your intent.
  • Getting your ballot to the board of elections as early as possible, either by mailing it or dropping it off at the Board of Elections.
  • Insuring you are knowledgeable regarding not only the Presidential and congressional races, but any state and local candidates as well as state and local issues.
  • Being informed regarding judicial candidates! All too often for many of us we are far more likely to have our lives directly impacted by a judge as opposed to say a state senator. Do your homework! It won't take a lot of time. We will have some resources for you to use in an upcoming post.

Below please find website information for the Board of Elections for Cuyahoga and surrounding counties, as well as some general voter information for the State of Ohio.

The following information was provided by NBC News:



Can I register to vote and cast my ballot on the same day? 


Can I vote without a photo ID?


Can I vote by mail without an excuse?


When is the deadline to request a mail-in ballot?

All registered voters receive their application automatically

When do I need to mail my ballot by?

Must be postmarked by Monday Nov 2nd, and received by Friday Nov 13th

Can I drop off my ballot in person?


Can I vote without a notary or witness?


CCan I use COVID-19 as an excuse?


After I vote by mail, can I track my ballot?


Can I vote in person before Election Day?

Yes, but only early in-person voting.

When is the first day I can vote early in person?

Tuesday October 6th

When is the last day I can vote early in person?

Monday November 2nd

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