Working Your Food Pantry

As we are living through COVID-19, there is one constant for all humans who inhabit the earth- we require sustenance! The vast majority of us do not live on farms or produce our own food, and as such are reliant upon the vast food industry that distributes products to the grocery stores and other retail establishments we patronize.

In an atmosphere of the unknown, ​many of us face challenges in shopping for our normal fare. Yet many of us are often surprised at the meals that can be prepared from the items we have in our pantries! There are some very creative things that can be done.

We've assembled some suggestions for you to explore. Enjoy!

Good Food for Hard Times: Make Meals From What's Already in Your Pantry

"The thing about grocery shopping these days is that it’s hard to shop in the traditional way you’re used to — with a list. You kind of have to go with the flow: shop what is there versus what you wish was there. Look for the freshest ingredients you can find and buy food that will last or that you’ll use in the next few days.r your text here..."

This is an excellent post that provide a lot of great information and tips on maximizing the food you can find in local grocery stores and smaller establishments. You can get very creative with what you can purchase today combined with the items that are already in your food pantry.

71 Creative Rice Recipes Using Our Favorite Pantry Staplenter your text here...

"When it comes to versatile, healthy ingredients, rice tops our list. It’s a people-pleasing pantry staple worth having around, whether you prefer classic jasmine, hearty short-grain brown, or deliciously nutty black rice—we like to keep all three, plus a few more, on hand. From an easy weeknight stir-fry to our best risotto, you’ll be all over these recipes like white on...well, you know."

The Pantry Meals Real People Are Cooking Right Now

"As coronavirus continues to spread, many are making the smart decision to practice social distancing and stay at home. That means we're skipping the weekend brunches and after-work happy hours with friends — many bars and restaurants are cancelling or limiting service anyway — and instead opting to cook our own meals using ingredients we have on hand. Of course, having to cook every single meal comes with the extra challenge of finding creative recipes that call for mostly pantry staples, which we all dutifully stocked up on what feels like ages ago. That can be especially difficult after the first week or so of being stuck at home, so we rounded up the pantry meals that real home cooks are making right now."

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