Trying to Deal With Madness

Tonight our church celebrates our annual Vespers Worship Service. Praise be to God!

Yet the joy of this service is tempered by the reminder of the madness that we are confronted with everyday. On any given day there is no shortage of sadness, revulsion, horror, tragedy and despair from the events that transpire here on Earth. As Christians we place our faith in Christ. We are grateful for every millisecond that we draw breath and can spend time with our family and friends.

In the face of the tragedy that has fallen the community of New Town, CT I am nearly without words. This is not to discount the outrage and sadness that follows any senseless act of violence or  disaster as a result of weather, circumstance or war. Yet what happened today is something I am really having a hard time processing/dealing with.

Brenda and I had 16 years living in the same household with our children. I cannot imagine losing any of them now as they grow into adulthood, much less the horror and reality of coping with our last memory of them as children when we dropped them off for school.

Our church- not Providence’s church- But Christ’s Church- believes in prayer. Please pray for the family and friends of all of those who have been scarred for life by this horrific act of violence.

Be blessed, be safe, and be vigilant.

In His Name

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