For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, Matthew 25:35

On Saturday, March 23, 2013, I had the pleasure of “hanging out” with some wonderful women in the Esther Circle…

“The purpose of the Esther Circle is to edify the Body of Christ,” and under the ministry leadership of Sister Dolores Cammon, these ladies do more than just “feed the hungry.” To quote the ministry description taken from the PBC website “We serve the community with a hot meal each month while ministering to each person with compassion, hope, and encouragement through the Word of God.” Trust me, whomever came up with this description couldn’t have been more accurate.

It was a blessing for me to be able to spend time with Sister Cammon, Angela, Deborah, and Ann while each prepared a feast for those who would show up at 2:00 to be fed; both spiritually and physically. Each person was greeted with a smile and warm welcome and no one was made to feel ashamed for being there. After Rev. Jeff Doggett preached the word it was time for all to break bread together. The motto of this ministry is not to serve anything they wouldn’t eat themselves so the menu that day was tossed salad, meat sauce spaghetti, fried fish, garlic bread, lemon tea, and gourmet cake for dessert.

There’s no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to this ministry.  Actually it was quite the opposite, because the more of us in the kitchen the merrier.

It is evident that Sis Cammon’s leadership style embodies what ministries are truly about – reaching out to people -doing for others – being the humble servant. She truly models what Christian Ministry Leadership is all about. She serves as an exemplary example of the overriding principle of all ministries – modeling Christianity and bringing others to Christ by what she does. She walks the walk.

“Dolores with an o” Cammon is a seasoned saint, who “enjoys people and is a people person, and who is definitely in the right ministry at the right time, and a true leader of a ministry where the ladies are  very willing to volunteer to serve because of how openly she embraces those she serves as well as those that come to be fed.  There was an obvious connection that kept me there laughing and enjoying being in the kitchen.

So, the next time you see Sister Dolores Cammon and the members of the Esther Circle thank them for the work they’re doing for the good of the community and prayerfully winning souls to Christ.


  1. admin says:

    Sister Cammon and the Esther Circle Ministry members are tireless! I have watched them for many, many years provide sustenance, comfort and The Gospel to those who have visited our church.

    They are following well in Jesus’ footsteps- ministering to ‘The Body’ and then to the soul.

    Great Job! Be blessed and continue to bless others.

    Eric Pryor

  2. Dolores Cammon and the Esther Circle Ministry are to be congratulated the work that are doing, especially for those who are seeking more than just physical food. Also, I am proud to be her sister.

    Rev. Annie P. Clark, Shiloh, Illinois

  3. verily verily, that is wonderful work you are doing in service to christ and all His children. Dolores, i have been a friend of your sister, sukie blue skin for 15 years and she speaks so loving of you. i am here in the philippines where my ministry is caring for children in need. God Bless You. and Annie too.


  4. deborah.franklin says:

    Being a part of this ministry under the leadership of Sister Cammon has truly been a blessing to me. Thank you Sister Cammon, Angela and all the members.

  5. Pearl Washington says:

    God brought each one of us to planet earth to be of service to humankind, and you have certainly discovered how you can best serve. Keep up the good work!!

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