Learning to Take Great Photos

How many of us have digital cameras? How many of us know how to take great photos? This is a question that the Providence Marketing Ministry pondered and decided to offer a Digital Photography class. The primary intent of the class was to provide training for ministry staff photographers. However, the course was opened up to our congregation and community. Anyone was welcome to attend the class which was run over the course of four Saturdays. Charles Burkett, a member of Antioch Baptist Church, was the instructor for the course. Mr. Burkett is a lifelong photographer whose original experience dates back to taking black and white photos and developing the pictures in a dark room himself. While technology has progressed, basic photograph technique and principles has not. Over 28 students attended the class ranging from a high school student to a number of seniors.

The class was a huge success as the students learned how to take great photographers, post process them with computer software, share them over the Internet and more. Because so much is going on at our church on a weekly basis many people were unable to attend the class and have requested that we offer it again. Photographs are perhaps our best way of commemorating memories and the Marketing Ministry was very pleased to help our congregation and friends get more mileage out of their digital cameras.

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