Help for Houston Texas

Calamity has come ashore in Houston, Texas. Thousands of our fellow citizens are contending with life threatening conditions. Here are some images shared by various U.S. government agencies...

On Sunday September 3rd congregations, friends and visitors of Providence Baptist church will have an opportunity to support the citizens of Houston Texas, as well as other affected areas including outing areas of Houston, Louisiana and other impacted communities.

In addition to your regular offering, please prayerfully consider bringing financial donations as well as physical supplies such as bottled water, diapers, canned food, batteries and any resource that can sustain life. 

Throughout the decades the Red Cross has brought hope, relief and resources to people who have been impacted by disaster both natural and man made.

If you would like to make a donation through the Red Cross, please visit the following URL:


Before you do anything, please pray for the following:

  • The victims of Hurricane Harvey
  • Our first responders on the ground and their families
  • The companies and their employees who have plants that can pose threats 
  • Our local, state and federal leaders who need to focus on our people and their needs

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