Good Neighbor Initiative


Gail R. Reese from the Ministry of Reconciliation has extended an invitation to Providence Baptist Church to participate in "A GOOD NEIGHBOR" Initiative. This program was developed in light of the COVID-19 Coronavirus disease as way for our community to come together to help one another!

Details for the initiative appear below.

…Love The Lord Your God with all... …Love Your NEIGHBOR As Yourself – Luke 10:25-37

II Chronicles 6-7:14, I Timothy 2:1-8, Matthew 5:13-16, Mark 16:15-20, Acts 1-8…

Steps To Begin “A GOOD NEIGHBOR” Initiative

1. Adopt-A-Street (The Street you live on and/or a Street near your Church).

2. Pray For Your Neighbors Before You Go To Them. Prayerwalk and/or do Drive By Prayer praying for the people in each home.

3. Go Door To Door with other believers, not alone. (We are connecting believers who live on the same street or in the same Zip Code) (Use Godly Wisdom – You don’t have to get close and hug, etc.)

· Meet Your Neighbors introduce yourself (Check on your neighbors and begin to build a relationship).

· Let them know that you have been praying for them and Ask For Their Specific Prayer Requests (Find out if your neighbors: seniors, families with children, etc.) are alright and if they have any specific needs.

· Help meet those needs: food and other needed resources. You may not have what they need but together we can collectively search for the resources they need. (You can provide us with the information of what their needs are and if possible help us deliver the resources we find to them.)

· Academic Packets: Ask if they have children or grandchildren. If yes, ask if they have received their academic packet or if they need someone to pick them up and deliver it to them. (You can provide us with their school and grade information and if possible help deliver the packets to their home.)

4. Sharing FREE Resources: a Gospel Tract, DVD, New Testament Bible Devotional, Brand New Books for Adults and Children, etc. with the Good News of Jesus Christ, sharing God’s Love for them, that we can make available to you)

materials to be distributed, etc.

5. Share A Donation (Whatever the Lord lays on your heart) To help with gas for those making deliveries, printing of materials to be distributed, etc.

6. DAILY United Prayer Conference Calls: 5:30-6:00am+ and 5:30-6:00pm+ (Please contact us for the phone number and access code if you are interested in participating)

7. Will You Join Us? Please Contact Us ASAP to let us know what steps you are willing to do and or have done and receive additional help as you move forward.

Helping to ignite a Heaven-Sent Revival, a Harvest of Lost Souls and Regionwide Transformation

Thank You So Very Much For Your Time And Consideration

Praying For You With Love

Ministry of Reconciliation – Gail R. Reese

(Blanketing Our Cities With Prayer & The Gospel Of Jesus Christ)

P.O. Box 202206 Shaker Hts., Ohio 44120

Office Phone: 216-464-1900 Cell Phone: 216-571-4885 Email:


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