Setting the Bar High in 2012

There are certain times throughout the year that present opportunities for reflection, fellowship, service and growth. The passing of the prior calendar year and the approach of the new calendar year is one such event.

I would like to encourage each man, woman and child to examine themselves carefully and use this calendar transition of 2012 as an opportunity to reflect upon the grace and mercy of God’s hand in your life. Take some time to consider what has happened in your life in 2011.

Next, consider what you would like to see happen in your life in 2012. This reflection is a deeply personal matter for each of us. While you may choose to share your personal look forward with family and friends, the action I am asking you to commit to is to document your objectives on paper.

Make at least two copies. Place one in an envelope, seal it, and put it in a safe place so you may consult it in 12 months time. Keep the second somewhere that you can easily refer to throughout the year.

Use the simple planner provided on the Providence Baptist Church website or some other method to plot your spiritual and personal journey for 2012! CLICK HERE for a downloadable copy of your free 2012 planner.

In His Name

Rev. Rodney Maiden

Senior Pastor, Providence Baptist Church