Vespers 2011

Providence Baptist Church celebrated our 2011 Vespers Evening Service on Friday December 9. 2011. If you were present you were blessed with a simply awesome worship service where we looked back on the single most awesome event in human history- The Birth of Jesus Christ!

During this evening worship service, the Providence Magnification Team blessed everyone present with liturgical dancing, song, praise, worship and prayer as we look forward to the date where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Wikipedia offers the following definition of Vespers:

Vespers is the evening prayer service in the Western Catholic, Eastern (Byzantine) Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran liturgies of the canonical hours. The word comes from the Greek ἑσπέρα and the Latin vesper, meaning “evening.” The term is also in limited use in some Protestant denominations (such as the Seventh-day Adventist Church) to describe evening services. It is also referred to in Anglican circles as Evening Prayer.

In the coming days we will post photos and video from our 2011 celebration. Vespers 2011 was professionally photographed. However, the services was not professionally video recorded. Some video footage is available which was originally intended for background footage for marketing pieces.

However, demand has been overwhelming and we are happy to provide the footage we have to commemorate this awesome event. Enjoy!