Chief Antonio Stitt Uses a Pen as His Weapon of Choice

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On Wednesday, February 22nd, Providence’s own “Top Cop” was featured in the Cleveland edition of the Call & Post where he discussed his first co-authored book Change the Parent Change the Child (CPCC). (see article below by Jennifer Lumpkin).

I had the pleasure of reading Change the Parent Change the Child (CPCC) and would recommend that all parents regardless of age purchase a copy.  Although I’ll probably never be a grandmother, I’ll pass down CPCC to my children because I wish I had it before becoming their parent.  This would be an excellent program for our Church. Thanks Coach Stitt and Ms. Satterwhite and God Bless you both!

Frustrated with processing and booking “children” “young babies from the neighborhood” Chief Stitt took action, producing a five week “Man Talk” program and positively impacted, encouraged and inspired over 600 young men at a Cleveland juvenile detention center, Chief Stitt discovered that his life’s passion was helping troubled juvenile delinquents overcome the same adversity and negative influences that once surrounded him as a young man. Upon seeing the success of some young men through the program and the unfortunate detriment of others, Chief Stitt began to question the real issue — the root of the problem for the young men he was helping through this difficult phase of their lives.

Unquestionably the problem was the parent and the familial structure surrounding these young men, which ultimately affected the life choices and paths they chose to follow. The fighter in Chief Stitt took his mission one step further by co-authoring his passion project with Cleveland teacher Shalana Satterwhite, a parent who once sought his help for her own troubles with a delinquent teenage son.

“I am grateful for my childhood, but I am even more grateful for the difficulties and challenges I endured. Because of my hardships I can relate to these young men, and my advice and conversation is REAL to them.”

“These parents have to take a look in the mirror, and be willing to first, examine themselves, and acknowledge their responsibility in preparing their children to be successful in life with or without their assistance!”

Chief Stitt can be scheduled for parenting skills workshops and Q&A sessions throughout the year
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For more information about the book or to bring the CPCC Movement to your school or organization, please visit or search Change the Parent Change the Child on Facebook for more information.

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