African Children’s Choir Redux

Hey there Providence! Do you remember the visit we had with the African Children’s Choir from Uganda ‘This Winter?’

As a refresher…. Brother Jerry Thomas arranged for our church to be blessed by a visit by a choir of African children from Uganda who tour the United States each year. A number of Providence families opened their homes to host the children and their touring staff. Brenda and I hosted Ms. Molly Kirk and I have to tell you that if this opportunity comes back around you will be truly blessed by the experience!

The children and their counselors are touring the United States and passed through Colorado Springs, Colorado in April. This is significant because our very own Jason Pryor is a resident athlete at the United States Olympic Training Center (OTC). The group was able to schedule a tour of the OTC when they had a little down time. Jason serves as a tour guide on a part time basis and fortunately was able to host the group to tour the OTC. During the tour they sang and Jason remarked that ‘they sounded like little angels!’

If you would like to know more about the African Children’s Choir, please visit their website:

You can also check out their YouTube Channel:

Check out their worship at St. Paul’s Church:

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  1. Molly says:

    Thanks for sharing this! We had a blast visiting the OTC in Colorado Springs, and I fondly recall our visit to Providence this past February with Choir 40. Thank you for opening your hearts and your homes to us!

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