2012 What Does Mom Want On Her Special Day?

Mother’s Day….

I have to admit that I have always borne a resentment towards the commercial interests that promote ‘Mothers Day’. Really- are you kidding me? There is nothing that I could buy, write, say or think that could thank my mother for the prayer, sacrifice, love, consideration, tolerance, wisdom, instruction, forgiveness, patience, illustration, example, discipline, example, humor, financial support, emotional support, demand for excellence.

I could go on… however, you have only to look in the mirror and think of your own mother and you can fill in this list for yourself.

In fact, you should fill in this list for yourself.

Animoto is an awesome that provides a service to create online digital videos. Recently, they published a very interesting piece on what Mother’s truly value on Mother’s Day. You can view the citation at http://animoto.com/blog/fun/mothersday1/

For your convenience, we are including it here. God Bless!

4x4 150x150 Top 5 Video Gifts You Can Make for Mother’s Day

It’s true. An overwhelming 85 percent of Americans report that Mom would prefer a personalized gift made by a loved one over an expensive gift for Mother’s Day, according to a new survey we conducted with Wakefield Research.

In fact, more than half (53%) of those aged 18-34 have felt guilty that their Mother’s Day gift wasn’t more personal, according to the survey. We want to help you give her something personal. Here are five ideas to help you get started (and you can make an Animoto free!).

1. Mom and Me

This video is about nothing else than you and your mom. Include photos and video clips of the two of you together – laughing, hugging, and making silly faces. Create a video of the special moments of you two together. Forever.

2. Super Mom

Being a mom is hard work! From waking up early to cook breakfast, to getting everyone everywhere on time, to helping with homework at the end of the day – it’s a busy life! Create a video that shows your mom how much you appreciate everything she does for you by acknowledging all the things she does that make a difference in your family.

3. My Inspiration

This one’s a real tearjerker. Grab some images of your mom’s proudest moments…like pulling off a big event, going back to college, or getting through a rough part of her life. Then create a video with those images, your words and music to remind your mom how strong she is and how much you look up to her.

4. My Cheerleader

Think back to all the times Mom supported you. It could be your high school basketball game, or your entire high school career! But wherever it was, now’s the time to thank her for always being by your side. (If wouldn’t hurt to let her know that you’ll do the same!) Our ABC Video Style works well for making a list of the things that count.

5. The Many Faces of Mom

This is a fun one. See if you can find some pictures of your mom through the years (and videos if you can!). Bonus points if you can find her bad hairstyles, dated clothing, and fabulous dance moves. Then, throw in your most recent images (family vacations, holidays, more funny faces…) to tie everything together. This video will be a favorite for years to come (and you can always easily update it with new life events).

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